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Important News for all U.S. Clients!

New CDC/APHIS Regulations effective August 2014 affecting the importation of dogs into the United States


It has come to our attention that many of our American friends are not aware of these new regulations. We continue to receive puppy applications daily and are as frustrated as are our potential clients.  These regulations unfortunately are/will have detrimental effects on our Southern friends as well as to the breed.

We have been breeding strong 100% working lines and have always bred conscientiously and with pride in what we have produced over the last 20 years.  Our Malinois have gone to Police, DEA, with exceedingly successful finds and apprehensions.  Some have gone to FEMA/SAR, Sports such as PSA, IPO, and various Ringsports. Others have gone to programs such as: therapy/assistance/cancer/epilepsy/detection.

We find ourselves so fortunate to have found so many business relationships turn into true friendships and hope this continues in the future; as we have been left now with little option but to suspend our breeding operation since 95% of our market is American.  It is our understanding that the CDC 'may' reevaluate these regulations in July 2015; at which point should they rescind or amend the current regulations; we will continue to breed the most elite working breed in existence today.

Please don't be fooled by the reasoning & bureaucracy of the CDC and APHIS w/respect to their 'concern' over Rabies.  There has never been a case of Rabies entering the U.S. from Canada.  But the reverse is not true.  It’s a known fact that our animal health legislation is much more stringent than the U.S.

The countries listed with CDC/APHIS considered ‘rabies free’ is nothing short of laughable; as one only has to do their research to find that various Federal Organizations list different countries as being ‘rabies free’.  One only has to look at the geography of Europe and the location of Germany and conclude that this would make practically ALL of Europe rabies free.  Very unlikely.

This legislative move will result in (and already is) promoting more backyard breeders and puppy mills which we know will not vaccinate as this would cut into their profits; thus creating the same issue they (CDC) they are so called trying to prevent.  Many so called legit breeders will be raising their prices as the options have become limited to their fellow Americans.  This is already happening.

We are breeders of WORKING dogs, not pets.  Dr. Langer of the CDC (see documents above) is obviously not a behaviorist nor is he a working dog individual as all he seems to discuss is ‘sociability’ in a ‘pet’ sense.  Working dogs not only need sociability; but many other things have to be put in place by a certain age in order for the dog to be successful.  His ignorance of this baffles us for someone of his distinction, education, and position.  His reply to the CKC indicates that he has no interest in rescinding or amending the Legislation.

In addition, some brokers (who supply K9’s to police departments) have shut their operations due to additional permits and costs required in order to import a dog (any age) into the U.S.  When their costs become 7K-10K for a K9 candidate….They have no choice but ask for at least %30 more in order to stay in business.  But because APHIS has passed a legislation which affects brokers (ie., cannot buy and import for resale…have to pay for permit for each dog…should they import a dog; they have to hold on to him/her for a minimum of 3 mos. prior to selling it...In the meantime he has to maintain the training and care of the dog and still pay his overhead ie., staff  Then the broker has to increase his prices by at least 50% to remain in business...Where does that leave the police; when the majority of K9 units already cannot afford a K9 for more than $6,000???  Do they go to shelters? Pet breeders? Show Breeders? Sport Breeders? 

For a ‘democratic’ country; they have definitely closed many doors on their own people.

Continuing with this legislation; let’s consider the costs……..

For us to continue breeding….

·        we now have to do all the vaccinations (in Canada; all have to be done by a Vet and are expensive)

·        we have to feed/board for 4 months (as opposed to previously 2 months)

·        shipping will cost more as the pups are bigger now and require a larger crate

·        the cost of time necessary to imprint and socialize a working pup daily for an additional 2 months has to be accounted for

As you can see working pups/dogs will not be affordable for most.  What used to be a $1,500 pup…. is very likely going to measure up to $3500 at 4 mos. and an additional $500 to $1,000+ for shipping (depending on the distance, size, and weight), as well as International Health Certificate ($60), Transportation to the airport ($$$???), and at least a Vari-400 crate which runs almost $200 here.  Now that same pup is already between 4K to 5K USD.

Not to mention that we cannot ignore the fact that most clients want their pups by 8-10 wks. This is common sense and in the best interest of the clients and the puppies.  Logic seems to be in short supply at the CDC/APHIS.

Please read the PDF attachments and stay informed.

Thanks to all who have our dogs and for their dedication to the breed and their never ending support for us and our breeding program.  We have no regrets and would take journey all over again.  It was well worth it.

As the noteworthy song ‘The Dance’ profoundly exclaims:  “….I could have missed the pain; but then I would have had to miss the Dance…”  So true.  It was a wonderful journey.


Brigita Brinac of Fontaine d’Or Working Malinois